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MIR Supercontinuum Source

  • 1.3 - 4.5 μm Wavelength Coverage (7700 - 2200 cm-1)
  • >300 mW Average Output Power and <0.025% Noise
  • Single-Mode, Collimated Output Beam


MIR Supercontinuum Source

Numerical simulation of supercontinuum generation by propagation of a 2.1 µm, 100 fs, 10 nJ pulse through a dispersion-engineered InF3 fiber.

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Typical power spectral density as a function of wavelength. Please note that this is a sample spectrum and that small variations may occur from unit to unit. The fine structure seen around 2.7 μm is due to water and CO2 absorption in the beam path of the measurement setup. The sharp drop-off at 4.2 μm is also due to CO2 absorption.
2017 Prism Award Winner
2017 Category of
Scientific Lasers
Wavelength Range 1.3 - 4.5 μm (7700 - 2200 cm-1)
Output Power 300 mW (Minimum)
MIR Output Power 110 mW (Minimum; 2.2 - 4.2 μm)
Output Power Stability ±1% (Room Temperature ±1 °C)
Intensity Noise <0.025% (RMS; 10 Hz - 1 MHz)
Repetition Rate 50 MHz
Beam Output Collimated; Single Spatial Mode
Dimensions 17.46" x 15.80" x 5.60"
(443.5 mm x 401.3 mm x 142.2 mm)


  • >110 mW Output Power over 2.2 - 4.2 µm
  • <0.025% Intensity Noise Enables Highly Sensitive Measurements
  • All-Fiber Design for Hands-Off, Reliable Operation
  • Record-High Brightness Enables Remote and Standoff Detection
  • Compatible with Standard FTIR Spectrometers


  • Environmental Sensing
  • Standoff Detection of Chemical and Biological Threats
  • Absorption Spectroscopy with High Sensitivity
  • Infrared Spectromicroscopy
  • Ultrafast Spectroscopy
  • Femtosecond Pulse Generation in the MIR

Thorlabs is proud to present the world's first commercially available femtosecond-laser-pumped MIR Supercontinuum Source. The SC4500 source emits over a wavelength range from approximately 1.3 μm to 4.5 μm (7700 cm-1 to 2200 cm-1) with >300 mW of average output power in a collimated beam. More than 110 mW of the output power is within the 2.2 - 4.2 µm (4500 cm-1 - 2400 cm-1) range, which overlaps with many gas absorption lines and other molecular signatures. The brightness of this source exceeds traditional Globars and even synchrotron sources by orders of magnitude.

The supercontinuum light is generated by pumping a dispersion-engineered indium fluoride (InF3) fiber with a high-power femtosecond fiber laser. Unlike supercontinuum sources pumped in the long-pulse regime (picoseconds to nanoseconds), the spectrum of a femtosecond-pumped source is stable from pulse to pulse. As a result, our supercontinuum source provides output noise of less than 0.025% (RMS; 10 Hz to 1 MHz), greatly aiding applications that require high-sensitivity detection.

High brightness and low output noise make the SC4500 the ideal source for sensing and spectroscopy applications in the MIR. Applications range from environmental sensing of greenhouse gases to standoff detection in the field to spectroscopy in the lab using standard FTIR spectrometers. In addition, this source's shot-to-shot spectral stability allows it to be used as a source of femtosecond pulses in the MIR by filtering the output through a bandpass filter. An all-fiber design with proprietary fluoride-to-silica fiber splices offers robust, reliable, and maintenance-free performance.

More details on this source are available from Salem R, Jiang Z, Liu D, et al., Opt. Express 2015 Nov 16; 23 (24): 30592 - 30602.

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