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CMOS Cameras

Thorlabs has a diverse offering of CMOS and sCMOS cameras. Our Zelux™ and general-purpose cameras provide cost-effective imaging solutions with options including external trigger inputs and global shutters. Our Kiralux® and Quantalux® cameras can be used in microscopy, materials inspection, and other demanding quantitative imaging applications. We also offer a polarization-sensitive CMOS camera that is ideal for materials inspection, flaw detection, and other advanced techniques using polarization. Hermetically sealed cooled models are available for our Quantalux cameras.

Thorlabs also offers a wide variety of camera lenses, objectives, and mounts for use with our CMOS cameras. Our selection of C-mount camera lenses includes standard prime (fixed) lenses, zoom lenses, and telecentric machine vision lenses that are ideal for imaging and machine vision applications. Additional accessories include a rotation mount, two-camera mount, and C-mount extension tubes.