LC/PC Fiber Connectors: Single Mode

  • Snap-In Connector
  • Ø126 µm Central Bore
  • Spring-Loaded, Ceramic Ferrule
  • Maximum Concentricity of 1 µm


LC/PC Connector Assembled
with Ø900 µm Tubing (Not Included)



Boot for
Ø900 µm Tubing

Exploded View of
30126L9 Connector

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  • LC®/PC Connector
  • Smaller Ferrule and Housing Size than SC/PC Connectors
  • Spring-Loaded, Ø1.25 mm, Ceramic Ferrule
  • Strain Relief Boot for Ø900 µm Tubing and Connector Cap Included

This LC®/PC (Lucent Connector / Physical Contact) connector was developed to meet the need for smaller and easier-to-use fiber optic connectors. The LC/PC connector reduces space required on panels by 50% compared to SC/PC connectors. Packaged with a strain relief boot for Ø900 µm tubing and a dust cap, this connector has a Ø1.25 mm, spring-loaded, ceramic ferrule and a typical insertion loss of 0.10 dB. Thorlabs also offers loose ceramic LC/PC ferrules as well as splice-ready LC/PC connectors. LC is a registered trademark of Lucent Technology.

As an alternative to buying and assembling separate optical fiber, connectors, and furcation tubing, Thorlabs also offers custom pre-built patch cables using the connectors sold on this page. See our Custom Fiber Patch Cable Configurator to place an order.

Posted Comments:
Yosuke Takeuchi  (posted 2021-06-02 17:39:29.9)
Let me question that how much attenuation loss should be considered for this LC/PC Connector 30126L9. If there's any applicable ITU recommendation, kindly share with me.
cdolbashian  (posted 2021-06-22 04:49:44.0)
Thank you for reaching out to us at Thorlabs, attenuation and losses come from a variety of sources when working within an optical fiber system. We have some of the typical loss-specs listed on the product page. Others tend to be application-dependent. I have reached out to you directly with more information regarding your specific application.
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LC/PC Fiber Connectors: Single Mode

Item # Style Bore Concentricity Insertion Loss Return Loss Operating Temperature Ferrule Included Boot Crimp Toola
30126L9LC/PCØ126 +1/-0 µm1 µm0.10 dB
55 dB
-40 to 75 °CØ1.25 mm, Ceramic,
Spring Loaded
Ø900 µmNot Required
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30126L9 Support Documentation
30126L9LC®/PC Single Mode Connector, Ceramic Ferrule, Ø126 µm Fiber, Ø900 µm Boot
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Dust Cap

The CAPL Dust Cap is for use with Ø1.25 mm fiber connector ferrules. Dirt on the fiber tip can cause permanent damage to the fiber connector, which can result in increased coupling losses or undesirable mode structure in the output light. To prevent damaging the connectorized fiber, clean it before each use and use a fiber connector cap to protect the end face of the connectorized fiber when it is not in use.

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CAPL Support Documentation
CAPLWhite Plastic Dust Caps for Ø1.25 mm Ferrules, 25 Pack