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Objective Lenses, Scan Lenses, and Tube Lenses

Thorlabs offers a wide selection of objective lenses, scan lenses, GRIN lenses, and tube lenses. Our microscope objective lenses include a variety of infinity-corrected visible imaging objectives, reflective microscope objectives for broadband applications, and physiology objectives for multiphoton microscopy. Our high-power focusing objectives are designed for Nd:YAG or UV laser sources. Broadband GRIN lenses can be used as an imaging relay when implanted in a specimen. We offer infinity-corrected telecentric scan lenses for use in laser imaging applications like our OCT microscopes, as well as F-theta scan lenses for laser marking, engraving, and cutting systems at 1064 nm. Our infinity-corrected tube lenses are designed for use with infinity-corrected microscope objective lenses and are ideal for microscope construction and widefield imaging.