Software for S6FC2000 High-Power FP Laser Source

The following package is available:

  1. Software: Software package with GUI and drivers to control Thorlabs' S6FC2000 Laser Source.
DescriptionSoftware package to operate Thorlabs' S6FC2000 Fiber-Coupled, High-Power FP Laser Source, including a GUI and drivers.
Filesize52.8 MB
Only download from trusted sources, like Thorlabs, and always scan files before executing.

AdditionalThe standard Windows® USB driver for RS232 devices is required to communicate with our S6FC laser source using a terminal program. The driver installation package is included in the software download.
System RequirementsVerified with Windows XP (32-Bit Version SP3), Windows 7 (32 Bit / 64 Bit), and Windows 10 (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
Additional SoftwareMicrosoft® .Net Framework 4.0 is required. The install program will check and download the client profile from the internet if necessary.