Sustainability at Thorlabs, Inc.


Sustainability at Thorlabs means meeting the needs and requirements of our customers while actively considering the environmental and social impacts of our operations, so as not to place an undue burden on the environment, our employees, our customers, our community, or future generations.


Sustainability at Thorlabs provides not only environmental and social benefits but also serves as another dimension of our customer-focused philosophy as we embrace the expectations of our customers beyond the products and services we provide. Thorlabs recognizes its obligation to minimize our environmental impact and strengthen our local communities while we identify, enable, and accelerate key photonics technologies. By reducing our resource consumption, making our systems more efficient, supporting our community’s local economy and people, and fostering a culture of sustainability, Thorlabs seeks to promote a vibrant photonics community as well as healthy ecosystems and strong neighborhoods.




Our approach to packaging has been evolving. We continue to try and balance protection for our product with environmentally friendly packaging. A certain level of packaging materials will always be needed to provide protection and cushioning for our products as they ship to guarantee these products arrive to our customers in the same condition in which they left our warehouse. We provide this protection for our products because we know an unnoticed ding in a part could cause adverse impacts in the lab and compromise stability in the systems of our customers. With that being said, we recognize there is room for improvement and we have been continuing to work on assessing our use of packaging materials. We welcome our customers to provide input and ideas as we examine our packaging.



Our green packaging efforts are focused on reducing the weight of our packaging by eliminating any unnecessary packaging and implementing packaging design changes that allow for a reduction in packaging materials. We also continue to look for opportunities to provide packaging that is reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable for our customers when possible. Over the past few years, we have implemented packaging materials that are more easily recycled or reused by our customers such as our fiber optic patch cable tins and our Geami GreenWrap paper, which is used in place of bubble wrap.



We tackled our biggest packaging offenders earlier through the first wave of our Smart Pack Initiative. The re-engineered product packaging from our first wave was estimated to avoid more than 18,000 kg of CO2-equivalent emissions from the travel of these packaging materials to our customers around the world and reduce material usage by over 25,000 pounds since the changes were implemented in 2010 or 2011. We are continuing to reevaluate and re-engineer our product packaging for more of our product line in addition to our packaging processes.





Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Thorlabs strives to reduce the amount of material sent to landfills by eliminating waste before it is even generated, by identifying opportunities for materials to be reused, and by recycling materials when possible at its global locations.


Initiatives such as our break room sustainability initiative allow us to avoid waste generation. With each break room in our new headquarters building featuring two dishwashers, Thorlabs has been able to eliminate the purchase and use of disposable coffee cups, plates, and silverware. Employees are each given their own ceramic Thorlabs mug and are provided the use of communal silverware, plates, and additional community mugs in our break rooms. In addition, we have been working with our caterers for our events to minimize waste through practices such as the use of reusable dinnerware and bulk packaging. For our 2012 holiday party, we used compostable plates, utensils, and cups that were added to the event’s food waste to form a value-added soil amendment by a local composting facility.



The reuse of supplies is another integral part of our waste and recycling program. Our receiving department unpacks many incoming items each day. Many of the packaging materials that arrive with these goods are diverted from the waste stream to be reused for our consolidated shipments to international Thorlabs locations or recycled. Using these materials again eliminates the need for new packaging materials. While we cannot reuse all supplies, we look for opportunities for these materials to be reused by others. For instance, old fiber spools that could no longer be used in our operations and could not be returned to the manufacturer were donated to an institution of higher education.


When materials cannot be reused by us or others, we look for opportunities to recycle these materials. Thorlabs’ headquarters has a single stream recycling program, meaning cans, glass, plastic, and mixed paper can all go into the same recycling receptacles. Additional recycling programs are in place for batteries, scrap metal, toner cartridges, e-waste, and plastic bags to move more materials out of the waste stream.


With many diverse branch locations across the world, employees commute to work in many different ways. We encourage our employees to be mindful of the environmental impact of their mode of transportation and opt for greener forms of transportation when possible.


Our headquarters location puts us close to many residential areas, restaurants, and shops in Newton. We encourage Thorlabs employees to use our new location to improve the environmental impacts of their commuting and transportation during the work day.


Thorlabs employees are invited to utilize one of our eight community bikes to make trips into town for lunch or to run an errand. Several of the bikes feature saddlebags, allowing for easy transport of lunch or other goods.




After Hurricane Sandy, many employees were struggling with their commute to work in the face of a gas shortage. Carpooling efforts were made to match employees in need with employees in their area to help alleviate this strain. These carpooling efforts have been expanded with the assistance of TransOptions to allow more of our employees to green their commute, save money, and get to know their coworkers.


Thorlabs was recognized for its support of sustainable transportation options and commuting alternatives by receiving a platinum level New Jersey Smart Workplaces award from our local Transportation Management Association, TransOptions, in 2014. We were also recognized as the Employer of the Year in 2014 for our dedicated commitment to improving the quality of life for our employees by providing and maximizing transportation choices. We continue to partner with TransOptions to expand our green transportation offerings and reduce our environmental impact in New Jersey. 




Siting and Building Design

The location of our headquarters building puts us very close to Newton’s popular Spring Street with shops and restaurants in addition to many residential areas. Many of our employees live within 5 miles of our headquarters office.


The site of our headquarters is located on a former brownfield site (an abandoned or under-used property that may see complications with the reuse of the land because of the presence or potential presence of hazardous substances) that had been earmarked by the town for redevelopment. The site had previously been used by a fabric manufacturing facility and then a plastics facility until 1992. When brownfield sites are remediated and redeveloped, it helps reduce the need to build on undeveloped land by using property that already has access to existing infrastructure and services.


Our headquarters building in Newton, NJ, also contains other green features that help us use resources more efficiently. Our building has a very open layout on each of its three floors. As a result, turning off lights becomes more challenging as different departments share a common workspace. Light sensors have been installed throughout the building to power down lights when different areas of the main work space are unoccupied. We also have timed water faucets in our bathrooms to minimize our water usage.


As a manufacturing company, our energy usage is substantial. Identifying reduction opportunities and ways to broaden our renewable energy portfolio are important to us. We have been researching the possibility of installing a solar array at one of our buildings in Newton, NJ, to help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for electricity.




Culture of Sustainability

The environment does not belong to one entity and therefore the responsibility to care for it involves the actions of many. We look to educate and inspire our employees to take action at work and at home while also supporting local neighborhood groups with their green initiatives.


Our employees are encouraged to take part in Thorlabs' efforts to improve our environmental impact. For example, at our headquarters location, we engaged employees in sustainability by acknowledging Earth Day 2012 through a weeklong sustainability pledge, a competition to design our internal sustainability logo and slogan, and a used mug drive to increase our community mug supply in the break rooms. For one of our 2013 Earth Day celebration events, we held a book swap and were able to donate 180 books employees had brought in during the two week collection and swap period.



We are enthusiastic supporters of our local community and their eco-friendly initiatives. Announcements and postings are made to employees to let them know about green community events like free e-waste events at the local county municipal utilities authority and local farmers’ markets. We are also supporting the town of Newton in their development of a running and biking trail that connects two existing branches of the Sussex Branch Rail Trail. A Thorlabs volunteer day was held in November 2012 to allow employees to provide a helping hand in clearing this trail for community use. Over 40 employees helped clear 500 feet of trail with Newton’s Department of Public Works.