Lighting for ScienceDesk™ Workstations

  • LED Light Strip for General Lab Lighting
  • Mini LED Light Illuminates a Target Area


Mini LED Light


LED Strip Light

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Brochure of Thorlabs' Workstations

Thorlabs offers two options for general lab lighting. The PSY240 and PSY240E LED light strips can be mounted underneath a rack or a shelf, such as our ScienceDesk™ Overhead Shelves, and are ideal for illuminting a large work area. These 850 mm (33.46") long light strips are held in place by three spring clips. The PSY240E is shipped with a 4.3 m extension cable for compatibility with our Laminar Flow Enclosures. The PSX501 is a compact, battery-operated LED light source with a flexible neck for easy positioning and illumination of the target area.

Please Note: These accessories are compatible with our current ScienceDesks (SD Series) and cannot be used with our former generation (PS Series) products sold before March 2009.

Sample ScienceDesk Workstation Configuration

Click on the various ScienceDesk accessories or text in the photo below for more information on that item.


Fully-Loaded ScienceDesk
Monitor MountMonitor Mount Overhead ShelfOverhead ShelfOverhead ShelfOverhead Shelf Sample ShelfSample Shelf Computer ShelfComputer Shelf Keyboard HolderKeyboard Holder CastersCastersCastersCaster ScienceDesk FrameScienceDesk FrameScienceDesk FrameScienceDesk FrameScienceDesk FrameScienceDesk FrameScienceDesk FrameScienceDesk Frame Wrist RestWrist Rest Rack ChassisRack ChassisRack Chassis DrawerRack Chassis and Drawer Under Table ShelfUnder Table ShelfUnder Table Shelf Tool CaddyTool CaddyStorage TrayTool Caddy and Storage tray Organizer Breadboard BracketsBreadboard BracketsBreadboardBreadboard Brackets Side ShelfSide Shelf Instrument ShelfInstrument Shelf TabletopTabletopTabletopTabletop 
ScienceDesk Transmissibility

The Following Accessories are Not Shown in the Image Above

  • Overhead Shelves with 12° TiltOverhead shelves with a 12° downward tilt for easy viewing and storage of equipment in the lab.
  • Post-Mounted Components Tray: A 300 mm x 300 mm tray for holding small parts.
  • Post-Mounted Breadboard Brackets: Bracket for Attaching up to 300 mm x 300 mm or 12" x 12" breadboards to a mounting post.
  • Overhead Storage Tray with Rack: Steel tray for included tool caddy and a front-located steel rack for included linbins.
  • Frame Risers: Designed to raise the standard ScienceDesk tabletop to a heoght of 910 mm (35.80"), making it an ideal standing desk.
  • 12-Outlet Power Strips: Available with US-, EU-, or UK-style plugs. Fits to the rear rail of the desk or underneath the overhead shelf.
  • Storage Rack: Adds plastic storage bins to the side or rear panel of the ScienceDesk. Cannot be used with the Under Table Shelf.
  • LED Strip Light: Fits underneath the overhead shelf.
  • Cable Tray: Ideal for keeping electrical and fiber optic cables tidy.

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LED Light Strip

Item # PSY240 PSY240E
Brightness 1530 Lumens
# of LEDs 51
Powera 15.3 W
Voltage 12 VDC (Power Supply Included)
Dimensions 850 mm x 17.4 mm x 8.2 mmb
(33.46" x 0.69" x 0.32")
  • Power usage per LED is 0.3 W.
  • A 4.3 m extension cable is included with the PSY240E.
  • 850 mm (33.46") Long
  • PSY240E Come with a 4.3 m Extension Cable
  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Sturdy Aluminum Base Resists Warping
  • Frosted Plastic Cover Ensures Even Spread of Light
  • Shipped with 3 Spring Clips, 3 M6 Screws, and a Power Supply
    • The PSY240E Also Ships with 3 T-Nuts and a 4.3 m Extension Cord

These rigid LED Light Strips are 850 mm (33.46") long, and are held in place by three spring clips. They are easily fitted underneath a rack or a shelf, such as our ScienceDesk overhead shelves or Overhead Trays with Racks. The strip lights can also be mounted over a bench for general laboratory use. The PSY240E comes with three T-Nuts and a 4.3 m extension cable for use with our Laminar Flow Enclosures. The three M6 screws shipped with the PSY240E are 6 mm long, making it our only light strip compatible with the Laminar Flow Enclosures.

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PSY240 Support Documentation
PSY240850 mm (33.46") LED Light Strip
Lead Time
PSY240E Support Documentation
PSY240E850 mm (33.46") LED Light Strip with 4.3 m Extension
Lead Time

Mini Light

  • Bright, Long-Lasting LED Lamp
  • Lens Provides an Even Distribution of Light
  • Can be Mounted with the Clamp or Magnetic Base
  • Uses 3 Standard AAA Batteries (Included)

This compact, battery-operated unit allows direct lighting onto almost any surface. The unit can be attached to the work surface via the clip fastener or the magnetic base. A flexible neck allows the light to be directed easily onto the area of interest. This bright LED source provides as much light as 3 standard LEDs and the lens ensures an even distribution of light over the work area. The unit folds for easy storage and is powered by 3 AAA batteries (included).

Based on your currency / country selection, your order will ship from Newton, New Jersey  
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available
PSX501 Support Documentation
PSX501Mini Light with Flexible Arm, Mounting Clip, and Magnetic Base