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Vacuum Components

Thorlabs offers a variety of product lines suitable for use in vacuum and cleanroom applications, including CF components, KF components, glass threaded optical ports, optical ports with UVFS windows, single- and multi-pass cells, kinematic mirror mounts, fixed lens mounts, lens tubes, Ø1/2" posts, fiber components, breadboards, manual dovetail stages, piezo inertia stages, piezo inertia actuators, servo actuators, vacuum grease, and epoxy. An adapter is available for mounting optomechanical components to a Ø2.75" CF vacuum flange. Many of our other optomechanical components can be purchased for vacuum use as special orders. Contact to order. Please see the individual product presentations for vacuum compatibility specs. Additionally, some products below, such as our unanodized aluminum and stainless steel breadboards, require additional cleaning and processing by the end user before they are suitable for use in a vacuum chamber. The end user should determine the appropriateness of all products and materials in a specific vacuum system.