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Modular PMD/PDL Measurement Systems

  • PMD, 2nd Order PMD, PDL, DGD, and IL
  • Split Device Option for Buried Fibers
  • Modular and Highly Configurable


Powerful User Interfaces and PC Included

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Applications for the PMD5000

  • PMD Measurements According ITU-T G.650
  • Reference Method in the Range 1520 - 1630 nm
  • Wavelength Dependent PDL, SOP, DOP Analysis
  • PMD/PDL Analysis of Narrow Bandwidth Components
  • Installed Fiber JME Analysis
  • Field Applications

Two Basic Systems to Choose From

  • Fast In-Line PMD/PDL Analysis System for Fibers: PMD5000FIN
  • High Dynamic Range PMD/PDL Analysis System for Narrow Bandwidth Components: PMD5000HDR

Features of the Modular PMD/PDL Analysis System PMD5000

  • Measurements Based on Jones-Matrix Eigenanalysis (JME)
  • 2 Polarimeter Versions: Rotating Waveplate or Fiber Based
  • Bandwidth from 1520 to 1630 nm (others on request)
  • Modular and Flexible
  • Excellent Accuracy
  • For External Tunable Laser Sources

The PMD5000 is a powerful and diverse modular system for measuring first and second order Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD), Polarization-Dependent Loss (PDL), Differential Group Delay (DGD), and Insertion Loss (IL). This system uses the Jones Matrix Eigenanalysis based PMD/PDL measurements and is built onto the TXP platform. It is a powerful and flexible solution for all kinds of PMD/PDL related measurement tasks in laboratories as well as field applications including the analysis of installed fibers.

Modular Design
Depending on the application the PMD5000 System comprises different modules that can be used independently as well. The PMD5000 utilizes external tunable lasers as light source. We can integrate most tunable lasers with a PC interface. Drivers for the following models are readily available: Agilent Mainframe 8163A/B, 8164A/B, 8166A/B, and Module 81940A as well as Ando AQ4320A/B/D. Please contact our Tech Support Team for further information about your laser.

Analysis of Narrow Bandwidth Components
The software package version 2 for the Thorlabs PMD/PDL Analysis System PMD5000 series enhances its application especially for the analysis of narrow bandwidth components. The PMD5000 system, which is based on Jones Matrix Eigenanalysis, now allows the analyzing parameters to be changed after the device under test (DUT) has been measured. A single data set of the DUT can be analyzed for different wavelength ranges or at different zoom levels. This makes repetitive measurements with optimized parameters obsolete and contributes to speed and flexibility of the analysis. For more information please see the "User Interface" tab.

Besides a suitable external tunable laser source, the PMD5000 consists of the Deterministic Polarization Controller, DPC5500, and a polarimeter module - either the fast in-line polarimeter IPM5300 or the High Dynamic Range Terminating Polarimeter, PAX5720IR3 - plus a specific software package providing powerful PMD/PDL analysis routines. A test version of this is integrated into the TXP application software which can be found at the TXP Software tab on the TXP platform page. Please see the Components tab for the modules of the two standard PMD5000 Systems.

For further information, please contact our Tech Support Team.

Components of the PMD5000 Standard Systems

(For External Tunable Laser Sources)

Fast Inline Measurements: PMD5000FIN-2

  • TXP5016: 16 Slot Mainframe
  • DPC5500: Deterministic Polarization Controller
  • IPM5300: High Speed In-Line Polarimeter

High Dynamic Range Measurements: PMD5000HDR-2

  • TXP5016: 16 Slot Mainframe
  • DPC5500: Deterministic Polarization Controller
  • PAX5720IR3: High Dynamic Range Terminating Polarimeter

All systems come with a preconfigured laptop for plug and play.

Items #PMD5000FIN-2PMD5000HDR-2
Optical Parameters
Wavelength Range1520 - 1630 nm (Others on Request)
Dynamic Range45 dB60 dB
Measured ValuesDGD, PDL, Mean and RMS Values of PMD, Plus 2nd Order PMD, PMD Coefficient
Polarimeter TechnologyFiber basedRotating Waveplate
Measurement RateDepends on TLS
DGD Measurement Range0.001 to 400 ps
DGD Measurement Reproducibility0.01 ps
PDL Measurement Range30 dB50 dB
PDL Measurement Reproducibility< 0.02 dB
General Technical Data
Operating Temperature Range5 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range-40 to 70°C
Optical Input / Output ConnectorFC / APCFC / APC (Input of Polarimeter FC / PC )
Warm up time for Rated Accuracy< 15 min
Mains Voltage100 V / 240 V ± 10%
Mains Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 5%
Maximum Power Consumption400 VA
Dimensions (W x H x D)449 mm x 133 mm x 435 mm
Chassis19", 3U
Weight8.5 kg

All data are valid at 23 ±5 °C and 45 ± 15% relative humidity
For further information about the TXP platform, please see the TXP platform page.

PMD5000 Series User Interface

The PMD5000 System offers a wide range of measurement data. The insertion loss (IL) and the polarization dependent loss (PDL) are displayed in a single graph. The differential group delay (DGD) versus wavelength is shown in another graph with an additional histogram. The phase difference between two Jones matrices is given in a third diagram. The second order PMD and therefore the second order DGD versus wavelength can also be measured and is displayed separately with a histogram. Another measurement is the principle state of polarization shown in a diagram in the form of Stokes parameters. All data are also available as numerical values.

The following figure shows the GUI of the measurement mode with the DGD graph.

GUI Screen Shot

The green vertical lines show the wavelength range for which the analyzed parameters are calculated (upper left "Calculations" pane). The blue vertical line shows a specific single wavelength (cursor) for which the parameters are calculated (lower left "Cursor" pane).

Both the wavelength range and the cursor wavelength can be set and changed after the actual measurement has been performed. This allows quick fine-tuning of the wavelength range of interest for the analysis without running a measurement again.

Auxiliary Connection for DPC5500 & IPM5300

D-Type Female

DB9 Female

1TriggerI3.3/5 VExternal Trigger-signal (0V=L, 3.3 ... 5 V=H) (for array mode)
2AGND  Analog Ground
3DOPO-2.5 ... +2.5 VDegree of Polarization (0 ... 125%) (-2.5 V= 0%, 0 V= 62.5%, +1.5 V= 100%)
4S2O-2.5 ... +2.5 VNormalized Stokes Vector S2 (-1 ... +1)
5PowerO-2.5 ... +2.5 VOptical Power log. (-30 ... +20 dBm) (0V = -5 dBm)
6DGND  Digital ground for Trigger
7Analog InI0 ... +2.5 VAnalog Control signal (not used here)
8S3O-2.5 ... +2.5 VNormalized Stokes Vector S3 (-1 ... +1)
9S1O-2.5 ... +2.5 VNormalized Stokes Vector S1 (-1 ... +1)

Analog Output and Trigger Input for PAX5720IR3

D-Type Female

DB9 Female

1TriggerI3.3/5 VExternal Trigger-signal (0V=L, 3.3 ... 5 V=H) (for array mode)
2AGND  Analog Ground
3PowerO-2.5 ... +2.5 VOptical Power log. (-70 dBm ... +30 dBm)
4S3O-2.5 ... +2.5 VNormalized Stokes Vector S3 (-1 ... +1)
5S1O-2.5 ... +2.5 VNormalized Stokes Vector S1 (-1 ... +1)
6DGND -2.5 ... +2.5 VDigital ground for Trigger
7Analog InI-2.5 ... +2.5 VAnalog Control signal (not used here)
8DOPO-2.5 ... +2.5 VDegree of Polarization (0 ... 110%)
9S2O-2.5 ... +2.5 VNormalized Stokes Vector S2 (-1 ... +1)

Our Tech Support Department is available to assist you in customizing the configuration for your specific application. Please choose your nearest contact partner.

Standard Applications Overview
Standard PMD and PDL Analysis System with External Laser Source
(PMD5000FIN-2 for Fiber Analysis, PMD5000HDR-2 for Component Analysis)
 Standard PMD and PDL Analysis System with External Laser Source
Splitted PMD and PDL Analysis System for Installed Fibers
(Configuration Available Upon Request)
 Splitted PMD and PDL Analysis System for Installed Fibers
PMD and PDL Analysis System for Optical Networks
(Single Transmitter and Several Receivers)
(Configuration Available Upon Request)
 PMD and PDL Analysis System for Optical Networks
PMD and PDL Analysis System for a Live Fiber with Traffic
(Configuration Available Upon Request)
 PMD and PDL Analysis System for a Live Fiber with Traffic
TXP5016 16 Slot Mainframe
DPC5500 Deterministic Polarization Controller
IPM5300 High Speed In-Line Polarimeter
PAX5720IR3 Terminating Polarimeter
Preconfigured Laptop with Software Installedxx
FC/APC Patchcord 30cm  
Ethernet Cable 1.5mxx
Software CD-ROMxx
LabVIEW™ and LabWINDOWS™/CVI Driver Setxx
Operating Manualxx

TXP Software

Version 3.1.5

Standard full TXP software packages for the PMD5000:
Applications, Drivers, and Firmware.

Software Download

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PMD5000HDR-2PMD/PDL Analyzer for external Tunable Laser and PAX5720IR3 Polarimeter
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