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T-Scope: Thorlabs Microscope


  • Modular Design is Ideal for Custom Systems
  • Focus-Adjustable C-Mount Adapter
  • Five-Objective Turret with M26 x 36 TPI Threading
  • Directly Compatible with SM1 and SM2 Lens Tube Systems
  • Includes Adapters for RMS-Threaded Objectives
  • Motorized Version Includes Software and User Interface

Thorlabs' T-Scopes are microscopes designed to provide and optical system that is easy to both operate and modify. These microscopes can be adapted for a variety of applications including wide-field or laser scanning microscopy. The housing is equipped with an SM1-threaded port, making it possible to build custom imaging and microscopy systems.

The T-Scope is available with either manual or motorized Z-axis translation and consists of a tube lens system (ITL200) designed for parfocality. These microscopes are mounted on Thorlabs' Manual or Motorized Focus Blocks
(Item #'s MGZ30 and MGZ30-MOT respectively), which provide up to 30 mm of travel along the Z-axis. A non-rotating, fine-focus-adjustable, SM1-threaded (1.035" -40) port with included C-mount adapter is provided at the top of the
T-Scope for direct mounting of cameras or detectors. Without the C-mount adapter, the T-Scope can accept custom optical systems built upon the SM1 tread standard. The fine focusing adjustment at this port allows for precise adjustment through the image plane. Alternatively, if desired, one can gain access to the SM2 (2.035" -40) thread standard by removing the SM1-threaded port and adapter from the top of the T-Scope.

A 5-objective turret with M26 x 36 TPI threading is included with the T-Scope. For use with RMS-threaded objectives, five RMSA7 adapters are also provided.

The motorized version, TSCOPE-MOT incorporates a stepper motor and built-in encoder for positional readout along the Z-axis. the TSCOPE-MOT is powered by USB and includes software and a user interface.


The T-Scope Stand (MP1214) consists of a Thorlabs' Ø1.5" Dynamically Damped Post with specially designed 12" x 14" breadboard. This 3/4" thick breadboard base is designed to provide increased stability for the microscope. The base also includes side grips and recessed feet for easy lifting and transportation. These stands are sold separately.

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Common Specifications
Z-Axis Travel30 mm30 mm
Z-Axis AdjustmentFine: 250 μ/rev Coarse: 40 mm/revFine: 250 μ/rev Coarse: 40 mm/rev
Incremental Step (Min)500 nm50 nm
Resolution2.5 μm100 nm
Mounting*Ø1.5' PostsØ1.5' Posts
*Mounting post sold separately.

Focus Block

Thorlabs' Post-Mountable Focus Blocks are designed to be the base units for home-built imaging systems constructed and configured from our standard optomechanics. It is avalable in manual or motorized versions. The motorized version is USB powered, does not require a separate controller, has motorized Z-axis translation with an encoder that responds to automated or manual adjustment, and comes with operation software and a GUI.

Both the manual and motorized Focus Blocks provide 30 mm of travel along the Z-axis with fine and coarse adjustment knobs. Each unit includes a five-objective turret with M26 x 36 TPI (M26 x 0.706) threading.

A single dovetail adapter is located above the lens turret and enables direct integration of 30 mm cage, SM1-threaded (1.035' -40) components, and SM2-threaded (2.035' -40) components. The Focus Block is designed to mount directly to a Ø1.5 mm post, which is featured on the T-Scope stand in the Overview tab.

Focus Block





Tube Lens

Tube Lens

The ITL200 is an infinity-corrected tube lens with an effective focal length of 200 mm that is designed for use with Plan Fluorite Objective lenses. The tube lens is used in applications that do not use an eyepiece such as imaging onto a CCD camera. The M38 x 0.5 external thread on the ILT200 can be easily converted to SM2 (2.035' -40) threading using a SM2A20 adapter.

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