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Tapered Amplifiers


  • 850 nm Center Wavelength (Other Wavelengths Coming Soon)
  • 20 nm FWHM Gain Range
  • 1 W Output Power
  • 13 dB Gain
  • 14-Pin Butterfly Package
  • Circularized Output Beam

Thorlabs' Tapered Amplifiers consist of an amplifier integrated into a user-friendly, 14-pin butterfly package. Within this package, we have fiber coupled the amplifier's input facet to eliminate tedious alignment procedures that customers typically have to perform when working with a component-based tapered amplifier. In addition to eliminating alignment, the butterfly package encases the amplifier to protect it from contamination, leading to a prolonged lifetime. Our tapered amplifier design incorporates a collimating lens and a beam-shaping cylindrical lens to provide a circular, collimated output beam.



Center wavelength840 nm850 nm860 nm
FWHM Bandwidth-20 nm-
Amplification-13 dB-
Output Power1.0 W-1.2 W
Forward Current--3.0 A
Reverse Current--0.0 V
*Specifications subject to change.
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