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Ultra-High NA Single Mode Fiber

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Ultra-High NA Single Mode Fiber

Custom Fiber Patch Cables  Optical Fiber Manufacturing

For Fluoride and Tellurite Fiber Splicing with up to 0.35NA

Fluoride optical fibers for amplifiers and lasers at 1.3 and 1.5 μm are becoming important components for optical fiber communications systems. Efficient operation of fluoride fibers requires a very high numerical aperture (typically >0.3), which unfortunately leads to increased coupling losses (insertion loss) and low return loss when connected to standard silica fibers. This coupling loss decreases the overall gain and seriously degrades the noise figure. By coupling UHNA series fibers, which offers up to 0.35NA between the fluoride and standard silica fibers, these losses can be dramatically reduced.


  • Fluoride and Other Non-Silica Fiber Splicing
  • Planar Waveguide Coupling
  • Fiber Tails for High NA Sources
Wavelength Range1100 - 1600 nm960 - 1600 nm1100 - 1600 nm
Mode Field Diamter4.0 µm @ 1310 nm3.3 µm @ 1310 nm3.3 µm @ 1310 nm
Cladding125 ± 1.5 µm125 ± 1.5 µm125 ± 1.5 µm
Coating250 ± 20 µm250 ± 20 µm250 ± 20 µm
2nd Mode Cutoff Wavelength1000 ± 50 nm900 ± 50 nm1050 ± 50 nm
Core CompositionSiO2/GeO2SiO2/GeO2SiO2/GeO2
Typical Attenuation @ 1550 nm<20 dB/km<20 dB/km<20 dB/km
Stripper ToolT06S13T06S13T06S13
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UHNA1 Support Documentation
UHNA1 Nufern Ultra-High NA Silica Fiber, 0.28 NA, 1100 - 1600 nm
Per Meter
Volume Pricing
UHNA3 Support Documentation
UHNA3 Nufern Ultra-High NA Silica Fiber, 0.35 NA, 960 - 1600 nm
Per Meter
Volume Pricing
UHNA4 Support Documentation
UHNA4 Nufern Ultra-High NA Silica Fiber, 0.35 NA, 1100 - 1600 nm
Per Meter
Volume Pricing
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