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Indexing Mount for Ø1" Optics

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  • Ø1" Optic Mount with 16 Indexed Positions
  • Indexed Mounting Base with 15 Discrete Positions for Beam Steering
  • Ball Bearing and V-Groove Design Results in Repeatability Better than 10 µrad
  • Fabricated from Black Anodized Aluminum

These indexing mounts allow a shared laser beam to be redirected within multiple setups or for an optical signal to be interchanged between multiple test instruments. The NX1N(/M) indexing optic mount is designed to hold Ø1" optics no more than 7 mm (0.27") thick at one of 16 discrete positions, while the NX1F(/M) indexing mounting base features 15 discrete positions as well as a top-located 8-32 (M4) tapped hole for general-purpose mounting. Both indexing mounts have three 8-32 (M4) tapped mounting holes on the bottom plate, enabling multiple mounting options. In addition, a through hole in the side of the base accepts a 5/64" (2.00 mm) balldriver to attach the mount to a standard Ø1/2" post.

Please Note: The top plate of the NX1N(/M) indexing mount for Ø1" optics is not compatible with the NX1F(/M) indexing mounting base.

Repeatability Testing

A selection of Thorlabs Kinematic Bases were tested to determine the deviation of a reflected beam attributed to removing and replacing the top plate of the base. The test setup (see photo below and on the left) consisted of an S1FC635 fiber-coupled laser source, terminating in a fiber collimator that was held in a POLARIS-K1 Mirror Mount. The collimated beam was directed towards a BB1-E02 mirror housed in an LMR1 fixed mount that was post mounted on the kinematic base being tested (see photo below and center). After reflecting off the first mirror, the beam traveled towards and reflected off of a second mirror housed in a POLARIS-K1 mount. After reflection, the light was directed onto a PDP90A Lateral Effect Position Sensor that had three SM05L10 SM05-Threaded Lens Tubes attached to the front to block stray light (see photo below and to the right). The total beam path is shown in the first photo and is 1 m long.

The test was conducted by first centering the beam on the sensor through adjustment of the Polaris mount holding the second mirror. After centering the beam, thirty seconds were allowed to pass for stabilization purposes, and then a measurement of the beam position was made and recorded as the inital position. Next, the top plate of the kinematic base was lifted from the bottom and then replaced in the same orientation. After a thirty second stabilization period, a second measurement of the beam position was taken. Finally, the Polaris mirror mount was readjusted to center the beam on the sensor, and the process was repeated. Sixty data points were collected, amounting to thirty measurements of the beam displacement.

The results of the measurements are presented in the table and graphs below as the absolute difference in µrad between the original position of the beam on the sensor and the position after removing and replacing the top plate of the kinematic base. Each value has been divided by two to account for the reflection off the second mirror. The combined value takes into account both X- and Y-position measurements and represents the net distance of the deviation from the origin.

NX1N - Summary of Results
|ΔX|10.05 µrad1.32 µrad0.09 µrad140.45 µradPosition Deviation
|ΔY|1.30 µrad1.00 µrad0.01 µrad4.27 µradPosition Deviation
Combined10.6 µrad2.12 µrad0.38 µrad140.50 µradPosition Deviation
NX1F - Summary of Results
|ΔX|11.48 µrad0.99 µrad0.02 µrad145.87 µradPosition Deviation
|ΔY|1.67 µrad1.02 µrad0.01 µrad7.39 µradPosition Deviation
Combined12.13 µrad1.48 µrad0.48 µrad145.93 µradPosition Deviation
Click the Support Documentation icon document icon or Part Number below to view the available support documentation
Part Number Product Description
NX1F Support Documentation NX1F : Complete, 15-Position Indexing Base, Top and Bottom Plates
NX1F/M Support Documentation NX1F/M : Complete, 15-Position Indexing Base, Top and Bottom Plates, Metric

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Indexing Mounting Bases

  • Indexed with 15 Discrete Steps at 24° Increments
  • 8-32 (M4) Mounting Hole in Top Plate Compatible with a Variety of Optomechanical Accessories
  • Repeatability Better than 10 µrad
  • Three 8-32 (M4) Mounting Holes in Bottom Plate

The NX1F(/M) mounting base is an indexed platform that accepts a wide variety of optomechanical accessories such as kinematic mirror mounts. The top platform provides a center-located 8-32 (M4) tapped hole for general-purpose mounting. The kinematic ball-seat design provides 15 discrete positions and repeatability within 10 µrad. Each position is laser engraved with a capital letter, from A through O, for fast placement.

Please Note: The NX1F(/M) indexing mounting base is not compatible with the NX1N(/M) indexing Ø1" optic mount (sold above).

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+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal/Imperial Price Available / Ships
NX1F Support Documentation
NX1F Complete, 15-Position Indexing Base, Top and Bottom Plates
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Metric Price Available / Ships
NX1F/M Support Documentation
NX1F/M Complete, 15-Position Indexing Base, Top and Bottom Plates, Metric
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