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SM30-Compatible Fixed Mount

  • M30.5 - 0.5 Threading
  • Mount SM30 Lens Tubes
  • Mount 30 mm Optics


LMR30 shown with an LA1274 ∅30 mm Plano-Convex Lens

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  • Ø30 mm Optics Held with SM30RR Retaining Ring
  • Mounts Optics up to 0.28" (7.1 mm) Thick
  • SM30RR Retaining Ring Removable with SPW801 Adjustable Spanner Wrench

The LMR Series of fixed optics mounts are a convenient way to mount Ø30 mm optics on TR Series posts via the #8-32 (M4) tapped hole on the base of the mount. The retaining ring included with each mount secures the optic in place. Additional SM30RR retaining rings can be purchased separately.

This page contains our SM30 Compatible Fixed Mounts; for a full selection of available fixed mounts , please visit our Fixed Optics Mounts navigation menu.

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Part NumberProduct Description
LMR30 Support Documentation LMR30:Lens Mount for Ø30 mm Optics, One Retaining Ring Included, 8-32 Tap
LMR30/M Support Documentation LMR30/M:Lens Mount for Ø30 mm Optics, One Retaining Ring Included, M4 Tap
SM30RR Support Documentation SM30RR:SM30 Retaining Ring for Ø30 mm Lens Mounts

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+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Imperial Price Available / Ships
LMR30 Support Documentation
LMR30Lens Mount for Ø30 mm Optics, One Retaining Ring Included, 8-32 Tap
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Universal Price Available / Ships
SM30RR Support Documentation
SM30RRSM30 Retaining Ring for Ø30 mm Lens Mounts
+1 Qty Docs Part Number - Metric Price Available / Ships
LMR30/M Support Documentation
LMR30/MLens Mount for Ø30 mm Optics, One Retaining Ring Included, M4 Tap
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