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0.10 NA Multimode Step Index Optical Fiber

  • Long Operation without Photodarkening in the UV Range
  • Undoped Core, Fluorine-Doped Cladding

0.10 NA Step Index Multimode Fiber Cross Section

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  • Wavelength Range: 400 - 550 nm and 700 - 1400 nm
  • Ø10 µm or Ø25 µm Core
  • Undoped Silica Core and Fluorine-Doped Cladding
  • Dual Acrylate Coating

Thorlabs 0.1 NA multimode fibers are protected with an enhanced coating material that guarantees long-term performance and reliability. The dual layer acrylate material iseasy to strip, leaving no residue. These coating layers have been specially designed to provide transmission in the near-UV, visible, and NIR ranges 400 - 550 nm and 700 - 1400 nm).  It provides unsurpassed durability and transmission time stability. These fibers can be used with any one of our Ø125 µm outer diameter multimode connectors, as well as many fiber components designed for Ø125 µm outer diameter single mode fiber.

0.1 NA Multimode Fibers
Item #Core SizeCladding SizeCoating Size
HPSC10Ø10 µm ± 3.0 µmØ125 ± 2.0 µmØ245 ± 10 µm
HPSC25Ø25 µm ± 3.0 µm
Optical Fiber Manufacturing
Custom Fiber Patch Cables
Stock Patch Cables Available with These Fibers
Item #Fiber UsedDescriptionLength
M65HPSC10SMA to SMA1 or 2 m
M64FC/PC to FC/PC1 or 2 m
M23FC/PC to SMA1 m
M68HPSC25SMA to SMA1 or 2 m
M67FC/PC to FC/PC1 or 2 m
M39FC/PC to SMA1 m
Item #HPSC10HPSC25
Wavelength Range400 - 550 nm and 700 - 1400 nm
Numerical Aperture0.100 ± 0.015
Core IndexProprietarya
Cladding IndexProprietarya
Geometric Specifications
Core Diameter10 ± 3.0 µm25 ± 3.0 µm
Cladding Diameter125 ± 2.0 μm
Coating Diameter245 ± 10 μm
Core/Clad Concentricity<1.0 μm
Other Specifications
CoatingTwo-layer Acrylate
Operating Temperature-60 to 85 °C
Proof Test≥100 kpsi
  • We regret that we cannot provide this proprietary information.

The table below details all of Thorlabs' multimode bare optical fiber offerings.

Index ProfileNAFiber TypeItem #Core SizeWavelength Range
Step Index0.1Double Clad, Enhanced Coating
View These Fibers
HPSC10Ø10 µm280 - 750 nm
HPSC25Ø25 µm
0.22Glass-Clad Slilca
Multimode Fiber
View These Fibers
FG050UGAØ50 µm250 - 1200 nm
(High OH)
FG105UCAØ105 µm
FG200UEAØ200 µm
FG050LGAØ50 µm400 - 2400 nm
(Low OH)
FG105LCAØ105 µm
FG200LEAØ200 µm
High Power Double TECS /
Silica Cladding
Multimode Fiber
View These Fibers
FG200UCCØ200 µm190 - 1200 nm
(High OH)
FG365UECØ365 µm
FG550UECØ550 µm
FG910UECØ910 µm
FG200LCCØ200 µm400 - 2200 nm
(Low OH)
FG365LECØ365 µm
FG550LECØ550 µm
FG910LECØ910 µm
Solarization-Resistant Multimode
Fiber for UV Use
View These Fibers
UM22-100Ø100 µm180 - 1150 nm
(High OH)
UM22-200Ø200 µm
UM22-300Ø300 µm
UM22-400Ø400 µm
UM22-600Ø600 µm
0.39High Power TECS Cladding
Multimode Fiber
View These Fibers
FT200UMTØ200 µm300 - 1100 nm
(High OH)
FT300UMTØ300 µm
FT400UMTØ400 µm
FT600UMTØ600 µm
FT800UMTØ800 µm
FT1000UMTØ1000 µm
FT1500UMTØ1500 µm
FT200EMTØ200 µm400 - 2200 nm
(Low OH)
FT300EMTØ400 µm
FT400EMTØ400 µm
FT600EMTØ600 µm
FT800EMTØ600 µm
FT1000EMTØ1000 µm
FT1500EMTØ1500 µm
0.48High NA Multimode Fiber
View These Fibers
BFH48-400Ø200 µm300 - 1200 nm
(High OH)
BFH48-600Ø400 µm
BFH48-1000Ø600 µm
BFL48-400Ø200 µm400 - 2200 nm
(Low OH)
BFL48-600Ø400 µm
BFL48-1000Ø600 µm
Graded Index0.20Graded-Index Fiber
for Low Bend Loss
View These Fibers
GIF50CØ50 µm750 - 1450 nm
0.275GIF625Ø62.5 µm800 - 1350 nm
Click the Support Documentation icon document icon or Part Number below to view the available support documentation
Part Number Product Description
HPSC10 Support Documentation HPSC10 : Multimode Fiber, 0.1 NA, 10 µm Core
HPSC25 Support Documentation HPSC25 : Multimode Fiber, 0.1 NA, 25 µm Core

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Posted Comments:
Poster: jjurado
Posted Date: 2011-07-13 16:58:00.0
Response from Javier at Thorlabs to schaefer: Thank you very much for contacting us. Although the attenuation of the HPSC series fibers increases relatively quickly as the operating wavelength goes further into the UV, it would be recommendable to use a filter to block any transmission below 300 nm through the fiber. I will contact you directly for further support.
Poster: schaefer
Posted Date: 2011-07-13 11:31:42.0
I already have one of these fibers. I am using it with a Halogen lamp which does have some (smallish) UV-emissions. Am I right to assume that most of the UV (below 300nm) will be filtered out by the fiber anyway or do I need an additional filter for that?
Poster: Tyler
Posted Date: 2008-11-13 16:59:12.0
A response from Tyler at Thorlabs to stepenofwheele: Thank you for posting your question. We have updated the presentation to include the damage threshold for both CW and pulsed laser sources. I hope this information helps and if you have any further suggestions on how to improve our product presentation, please ask.
Poster: stephenofwheele
Posted Date: 2008-11-10 10:13:50.0
What do you mean by high-power? What is the breakdown threshold or power rated at for cw and pulsed?
Poster: technicalmarketing
Posted Date: 2008-08-25 18:31:41.0
Reply to srubin from Inge@thorlabs: The material of the core is specified as Undoped Pure Silica, and the cladding is Fluorine doped. We updated our web presentation to include this information. Thank you for your feedback.
Poster: srubin
Posted Date: 2008-08-19 20:03:11.0
What material are the core and clad made of? Is this a Quartz fiber?
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HPSC10 Support Documentation
HPSC10 Customer Inspired! Multimode Fiber, 0.1 NA, 10 µm Core
Per Meter
Volume Pricing
HPSC25 Support Documentation
HPSC25 Multimode Fiber, 0.1 NA, 25 µm Core
Per Meter
Volume Pricing
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